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Legislative Intent News & Notes: Happy New Year!

Some bill research does not include the Governor's file because at the time we researched the bill, the sitting Governor had not released his chaptered bill file. If the Governor's file is not included with this particular research, please contact our office (1-800-666-1917 or quote@legintent.com) and we will be happy to provide this file at no charge if it is available. Please Note: Governor files did not exist prior to 1943.


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Happy New Year!

All of us at LIS wish you a wonderful 2019!

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We look forward to meeting your legislative, administrative and municipal history research needs in the New Year!  As always, we provide free quotes to help you determine if our research fits your litigation budget (we might be biased, but we think a better understanding of a statute at issue in a case is always a wise investment).  

Please note: LIS’ office as well as the state libraries and Capital offices will be
closed on January 1, 2019.  We will also have very limited staff on New Year’s Eve.  

Reminder: for those of you working over New Year’s, our online store is open 24/7!

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