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Some bill research does not include the Governor's file because at the time we researched the bill, the sitting Governor had not released his chaptered bill file. If the Governor's file is not included with this particular research, please contact our office (1-800-666-1917 or quote@legintent.com) and we will be happy to provide this file at no charge if it is available.

As enacted Senate Bill 1486 only amended Business and Professions Code sections 7180 and 7187.  (See Exhibit #1g)  Senate Bill 1486 was introduced by Senator Calderon on February 6, 1996.  (See Exhibit #1a) 


Senate Bill 1486 was assigned to the Senate Committee on Business and Professions and the Senate Committee on Industrial Relations.  (See Exhibits #3 and #5)  While in the Assembly, the bill was assigned to the Assembly Committee on Consumer Protection, Governmental Efficiency and Economic Development where policy issues raised by the bill were considered.  (See Exhibit #9)   Senate Bill 1486 was amended five times during the legislative process.  (See Exhibits #1b through #1f and #2)  Subsequent to legislative approval, Governor Pete Wilson signed Senate Bill 1486 on September 14, 1996, and it was recorded by the Secretary of State on September 16, 1996 as Chapter 526 of the Statutes of 1996.  (See Exhibits #1g and #2)


As last amended on June 13, Senate Bill 1486 is summarized in the analysis of the Assembly Committee on Consumer Protections, Governmental Efficiency, and Economic Development as follows:


SUMMARY:   Delineates the circumstances under which a licensed contractor or registered asbestos abatement contractor meeting certain training requirements is authorized to take samples of suspected asbestos-containing materials.  Authorizes such contractors to receive compensation for preparing bids for asbestos abatement services, as specified.

(See Exhibit #9b, page 1)