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Senate Bill 1221 (Carpenter-1977)

Chapter 917, Statutes of 1977

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The Enrolled Bill Memorandum to Governor provides the following digest of Senate Bill 1221:

Under existing law, a county board of supervisors may contract for special financial, legal, administrative, and other services for the county.

This bill would allow a county board of supervisors to contract with temporary help firms (employment agencies) for temporary help during any peak load, temporary absence, or emergency other than a labor dispute, if it is in the economic interest of the county to do so.
(See Exhibit #11, document PE-2)

An explanation of the need for Senate Bill 1221 is set forth in the Enrolled Bill Report of the Office of Planning and Research. (See Exhibit #11, document PE-4) The report states in part:

SB 1221 was introduced at the request of the Orange County Board of Supervisors to allow that County to employ temporary help through temporary help firms. Currently the County must go through normal recruiting and employment procedures in order to hire temporary help for peak work loads and to fill in for employees who are on vacation. The administrative costs in employing temporary help often exceed the actual costs of paying the employee.
(See Exhibit #11, document PE-4)

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