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Assembly Bill 1067 (Cunningham-1935)

Chapter 519, Statutes of 1935

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Assembly member Thomas J. Cunningham introduced Assembly Bill 1067 on January 25, 1935. (See Exhibit #1a) Governor Frank F. Merriam signed the bill on July 15, 1935, and it was enacted as Chapter 519 of the Statutes of 1935. (See Exhibit #1g and #2)

The 1935 Legislative Digest prepared by Legislative Counsel described the bill as it was introduced, stating in regards to Assembly Bill 1067 as follows:

Sec. 1007, C.C., re title by prescription and adverse
possession against the State, counties, or cities.

Specifies that no title by prescription or adverse possession in land, water, water rights or other property shall ever be acquired against the State or any county or city.
(See Exhibit #3, page 262)

The bill as enacted was summarized by the Legislative Counsel in the 1935 Summary Digest of Statutes Enacted, stating:

A.B. 1067 (Ch. 519). CUNNINGHAM and ROSENTHAL. Amends Sec. 1007, C. C., re acquisition of title to real property by prescription and adverse possession.

Excepts from the rule of prescription and adverse possession of land, water, water right, easement or other property dedicated to or owned by a county, city, irrigation district, public or municipal corporation or any department or agency thereof.
(See Exhibit #4, page 62)

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