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Assembly Bill 579 (Stirling 1987)

Chapter 1364, Statutes of 1987 - AB 579

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As enacted, Assembly Bill 579 added and amended various Corporations Code sections and amended Government Code section 12214 relating to limited partnerships.  (See Exhibit #1f) Assembly Bill 579 was introduced by Assembly member Larry Stirling on February 12, 1987 at the request of the Partnership Committee of the State Bar of California.  (See Exhibits #1a and #6a, page 1)

While before the Assembly, the bill was heard in the Assembly Committee on Judiciary and the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means.  (See Exhibits #3 and #5)  In the Senate, the bill was heard by the Committee on Insurance, Claims, and Corporations and the Committee on Appropriations.  (See Exhibits #6 and #8)  Assembly Bill 579 was amended four times during the legislative process, once in the Assembly and three times in the Senate.  (See Exhibits #1b through #1e and #2) The bill was approved by the Legislature on September 11, 1987, signed by the Governor on September 29, 1987, and recorded on that date as Chapter 1364 of the Statutes of 1987.  (See Exhibits #1f and #2)

The Senate Insurance, Claims and Corporations Committee analysis of the bill as last amended August 24, 1987 described Assembly Bill 579 as a “[l]imited partnership omnibus bill.”  (See Exhibit #6b, page 1) 

The Third Reading analysis of Assembly Bill 579 produced by the Office of Senate Floor Analyses further described the bill stating:

This bill makes various changes in the California Revised Limited Partnership Act of 1984 dealing with the formation of and rules governing limited partnerships.

(See Exhibit #10, page 1)