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Assembly Bill 4012 (Costa 1988)

Chapter 1592, Statutes of 1988

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Section 798.84, relating to a notice of impending action to sue by residents of mobilehome parks, was added to the Civil Code in 1988 following legislative approval of Assembly Bill 4012, which affected this section only.  (See Exhibit #1e)  Assembly member Jim Costa introduced Assembly Bill 4012 on February 18, 1988 at the request of the Western Mobilehome Association. (See Exhibits #1a; #1e; #6, document ARC-1; and #13, document A-1)


Following its proposal to the Legislature, Assembly Bill 4012 was heard by the Assembly Committee on Judiciary.  (See Exhibit #3)  On the Senate side, the measure was heard before the Senate Committee on Judiciary.  (See Exhibit #7)  This bill was amended three times as it was considered by the Legislature.  (See Exhibits #1b through #1d)  Subsequent to legislative approval, Assembly Bill 4012 was signed by Governor George Deukmejian and was recorded by the Secretary of State as Chapter 1592 of the Statutes of 1988.  (See Exhibits #1e and #2)


A digest of Assembly Bill 4012 as last amended in the Third Reading analysis that was produced by the Office of Senate Floor Analyses described the measure as follows:


This bill provides that a mobilehome park tenant be precluded from suing the mobilehome park management for specified actions unless the management has been given at least 30 days prior notice of the intention to sue.

(See Exhibit #9, page 1)