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Some bill research does not include the Governor's file because at the time we researched the bill, the sitting Governor had not released his chaptered bill file. If the Governor's file is not included with this particular research, please contact our office (1-800-666-1917 or quote@legintent.com) and we will be happy to provide this file at no charge if it is available.

Penal Code sections 12020 and 12029, pertaining to weapons, were amended with the passage of Assembly Bill 3074 of 1988, which affected these two sections only.  (See Exhibit #1f)  Assembly member Richard Polanco introduced this measure on February 8, 1988 to help law enforcement in Los Angeles.  (See Exhibits #1a and #12, document PE-9)


Assembly Bill 3074 was assigned to the Assembly Committee on Public Safety and the Senate Committee on Judiciary where policy issues raised by the bill were considered.  (See Exhibits #3 and #7)  The fiscal ramifications of the bill were considered by the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means and the Senate Committee on Appropriations.  (See Exhibits #2 and #5)  Four amendments were made to Assembly Bill 3074.  (See Exhibits #1b through #1e and #2)  Subsequent to legislative approval, Governor George Deukmejian signed the bill on August 22, 1988, and it was recorded by the Secretary of State as Chapter 512 of the Statutes of 1988.  (See Exhibits #1f and #2)


A Third Reading analysis by the Office of Senate Floor Analyses on Assembly Bill 3074, as last amended on June 30, 1988, contained the following comments:


Existing law prohibits the manufacture, sale, or possession of several weapons deemed to have no social value.


Examples are blackjacks, ballistic knives, and cane guns.


This bill would add to the prohibited class of weapons the following:


any belt buckle knife, any leaded cane, any zip gun, any lipstick knife case, any nunchaku, any cane sword, any shobi-zue, any air gauge knife, as well as any writing pen knife.

(See Exhibit #10, page 1)