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Assembly Bill 1966 (McAlister-1972)

Chapter 1321, Statutes of 1972 Chapter 1321, Statutes of 1972 Chapter 1321, Statutes of 1972

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In his letter to the Governor urging approval of Assembly Bill 1966, Assembly member McAlister describes the bill as follows:

The bill provides that any employment contract providing for paid vacation and where such vacation is not utilized by an employee prior to termination, that the accrued vacation will be paid to him upon termination, and at his final rate of pay. This bill is an effort to resolve a problem that arises periodically upon employment termination, and where there is no written contract spelling out the terms under which an employee is entitled to his vested interest in any accrued vacation time.
(See Exhibit #6, document A-8)

A May 31, 1972 analysis of Assembly Bill 1966 found in the file of the Senate Committee on Industrial Relations discusses the then current law stating:

Present practice requires extensive investigation by the Labor Commissionerĺs office into Company policy regarding vacation pay when a complaint was received. AB 1966 is expected to simplify procedures and make for speedier redress.
(See Exhibit #5, document SP-3)

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