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Assembly Bill 1093 (Assembly Committee on Judiciary-1997)

Chapter 445, Statutes of 1997

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Codes of Civil Procedure sections 1281.6, 1281.9, 1282, and 1286.2, pertaining to arbitration, were amended in 1997 following legislative passage of Assembly Bill 1093. (See Exhibit A, #1d)  Assembly Bill 1093 was introduced on February 27, 1997 by the Assembly Committee Judiciary.  (See Exhibit A, #1a)  According to the material enclosed in the Committee’s bill file, the measure was sponsored by the California Dispute Resolution Council (CDRC).  (See Exhibit A, #4, documents AP-1, AP-9 and AP-10) 


While it was before the Legislature, Assembly Bill 1093 was heard in the Judiciary Committees of both houses.  (See Exhibit A, #2, #3, and #5)  The bill was amended twice while under legislative consideration.  (See Exhibit A, #1b, #1c, and #2)  The Governor approved the bill on September 23, 1997, and the bill was recorded by the Secretary of State as Chapter 445, Statutes of 1997 on September 24, 1997.  (See Exhibit A, #1d and #2)


Describing Assembly Bill 1093 as last amended on July 31, 1997, the Third Reading Analysis prepared by the Office of Senate Floor Analyses stated:


. . . This bill would revise the disclosure laws for persons selected to serve as a neutral arbitrator. Generally, the bill would consolidate existing provisions and apply the disclosure requirements to all arbitrations, rather than just to arbitrations of “claims for damages.” It would also revise the current disclosure requirement to protect the confidentiality of the names of private parties in prior arbitrations in which the proposed arbitrator must disclose his or her service, and clarify that the disclosure must be made within 15 calendar days.

(See Exhibit A, #7, page 1)