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Milk and Dairy Products

AB 1735, c. 339

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AB 1735, c. 339: Milk and dairy products; standards. Makes several changes to state sanitation standards applicable to dairies, primarily to conform with federal milk product guidelines.

This bill would make several changes to state milk standards and grades, including: 1) modifying the cooling requirements for storage and transportation of pasteurized and raw market milk, as specified; 2) increasing the required score for Grade A raw milk dairies and Grade A pasteurized milk dairies from 85 percent or better to 90 percent or better on the dairy scorecard; 3) establishing maximum bacterial count for ice cream, sherbet, and quiescently frozen confections; establishing maximum coliform bacterial counts for raw milk, sour cream, and yogurt, and in the last case, maximum colonies for molds, yeasts, and other fungi; and establishing both bacterial count and coliform bacterial counts for half-and-half, -fat dry milk, light whipping cream, heavy cream, whipped cream, and egg nog. The bill would make related changes.

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