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Contractors; aiding unlicensed persons

SB 354, c. 299

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SB 354, c. 299: Contractors; aiding unlicensed persons. Authorizes the Contractors State License Board ["CSLB"] to issue to a licensee, who has aided and abetted an unlicensed person, a citation which includes an order for payment for the financial injury caused by the acts of the unlicensed person.

This is a Contractors State License Board bill that was supported by the Engineering Contractors' Association, the Marin Builder's Exchange, and the Flasher/Barricade Association, to name a few.

The CSLB states that some contractors allow their license to be used by a non-licensee. Often, non-licensees who participate in this scheme cause financial injury to the consumer. In such cases, the non-licensee may refuse to correct work that is substandard and contrary to the building codes or, on occasion, may take a down payment and never do any work at all. When the CSLB establishes that a licensee has permitted his or her license to be used, the consumer has no recourse through the CSLB relative to the financial injury.

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