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Some bill research does not include the Governor's file because at the time we researched the bill, the sitting Governor had not released his chaptered bill file. If the Governor's file is not included with this particular research, please contact our office (1-800-666-1917 or quote@legintent.com) and we will be happy to provide this file at no charge if it is available.

Former uncodified section 26 of the “Workmen’s Compensation, Insurance and Safety Act of 1917,” precursor of current Labor Code section 3853, was amended in 1931 following legislative approval of Assembly Bill 1568, which affected this former section only.  (See Exhibit #1e)  This measure was introduced by Assembly member Walter Little on January 23, 1931.  (See Exhibit #1a) 


Assembly Bill 1568 was assigned to the Assembly and Senate Committees on Insurance where policy issues raised by the bill were considered.  (See Exhibit #2)  Three amendments were made to Assembly Bill 1568.  (See Exhibits #1b through #1d and #2)  Subsequent to legislative approval, Governor James Rolph, Jr., signed the bill on June 19, 1931, and it was thereafter recorded by the Secretary of State as Chapter 1119 of the Statutes of 1931.  (See Exhibits #1e and #2)

The Second Biennial Report of the Department of Industrial Relations, stated with regard to the 1931 changes to former uncodified section 26 that:


Amended section (26) relating to claims against a third party by the new changes now defines terms used and gives further protection to the employers or insurance carriers in such cases. 

(See Exhibit #4, page 21)


This Report then set forth former section 26 with the changes in italics.  (See Exhibit 4, pages 21 and 22)