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AB 1717, c. 338

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AB 1717, c. 338: Pesticides. Increases, from two years to four years, the statute of limitations for actions brought by the Department of Pesticide Regulation against sellers of adulterated or misbranded pesticides. This bill makes other changes to existing law relating to structural pesticide operators.

This bill was carried for the Department of Pesticide Regulation and supported by the California Agricultural Commissiones and Sealers Association, and the Department of Finance.

Proponents state this bill will ensure that structural pest control operators are required to follow similar regulations as are required by other pest control operators. Fumigants used by structural pest control operators are highly toxic and dangerous materials and misuse has led to serious public health incidents. Tighter regulation and oversight of the industry is needed. CACs are charged with enforcing the pest control regulations. They currently have limited knowledge of where, or when, structural pest control operators are performing fumigations. This bill will provide the CAC with the needed regulations and oversight to ensure proper use and application of fumigates and other structural pest control pesticides.

This bill will make the statue of limitation for mislabeling and adulterating pesticides uniform with the current four-year statue of limitation for sale of unregistered products. This will ensure that the both labeling and adulteration issues are treated as the seriously as registration of pesticides.

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