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Senate Bill 239 (Dennett-1925)

Chapter 339, Statutes of 1925

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Legislative Counsel provides a detailed description of Senate Bill 239 as it was introduced. (See Exhibit #3) In summary, this description provides:

An act to amend an act known as the “water commission act” . . . approved June 16, 1913, as amended, by amending sections seven, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and thirty-nine thereof and by adding a new section thereto to be numbered ten a, relating to water investigations, records of diversion and use, and distribution of water.
(See Exhibit #3)

The 1926 Biennial Report of the Division of Water Rights (identified formerly as the State Water Commission) within the Department of Public Works comments that the Water Commission Act was amended in 1925 “largely for the purpose of codifying what had been the past practice of the Division.” (See Exhibit #8, page 28)

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