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Assembly Bill 1113 (Feigenbaum-1927)

Chapter 251, Statutes of 1927

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Legislative Counsel's summary of Assembly Bill 1113 described the bill as follows:

Changes composition of board of control which at present consists of three members appointed by the governor. New board will be composed of director of finance, appointed by and holding office at the pleasure of governor, the chief of the division of purchases and custody of the department of finance and the state controller.

Functions of the department which are primarily administrative in character will be in charge of the director. Board of control will continue to act in determining questions which call for action by a deliberative body. Controller will perform certain auditing functions.

Division of motor vehicles remains in this department, retaining administrative functions, certain police powers of said division being transferred to the department of public works by A. B. 1114.

Division of libraries omitted from the provisions of this bill; transfer of same to department of education being provided for by another bill. Division of printing remains in department of finance. Powers and duties of guardian of Marshall's monument are transferred to the department of finance. Management and control of the state property known as San Pasqual battlefield, San Diego county, transferred to department of finance.
(See Exhibit #3, page 410)

Assembly Bill 1113 was one of a series of bills authored by Assembly member Feigenbaum in the Assembly concerning California state agencies. (See Exhibits #3 and #4) In the Senate there were a similar series of bills. (See Exhibits #4 and #7 through #11) These bills are identified as a part of the Governor's Reorganization Plan. (See Exhibit #10) The Assembly series of bills are identified as companion bills to this program. (Id.)

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