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Senate Bill 1821 (Bergeson 1990)

Chapter 1558, Statutes of 1990 - SB 1821

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Senate Bill 1821 was introduced by Assembly member Marian Bergeson on January 23, 1990.  (See Exhibits #1a and #2)    This bill was the Senate Local Government clean-up bill for 1990 and affected numerous code sections.  (See Exhibit #3) 

Senate Bill 1821 was assigned to the Senate Committee on Local Government and the Assembly Committee on Local Government where policy issues raised by the bill were considered.  (See Exhibits #3 and #7)  Six amendments were made to Senate Bill 1821.  (See Exhibits #1b through #1g and #2)  Subsequent to legislative approval, Governor George Deukmejian signed Senate Bill 1821 on September 29, 1990, and it was recorded by the Secretary of State on September 30th as Chapter 1558 of the Statutes of 1990.  (See Exhibits #1h and #2)

The Office of Senate Floor Analyses provides an Unfinished Business analysis for Senate Bill 1821 as last amended on August 28, 1990 which contains the following digest of the bill:

DIGEST:        This bill is an annual local government clean-up bill containing provisions to correct problems or oversights in statutes governing local agencies.  The various provisions were grouped in one bill to avoid the expense and workload of several individual measures.

(See Exhibit #10b, pages 1 and 2)