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CHAPTER 465, STATUTES OF 1976 - AB 301

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Sections 3300 through 3311, known as the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act, were added to the Government Code in 1976 following passage of Assembly Bill 301.  (See Exhibit A, #1g)  Assembly member Jim Keysor introduced the measure on December 19, 1974 on behalf of the Los Angeles Police Protective League.  (See Exhibit A, #1a and #8, document SP‑1) 


While in the Assembly, the measure was heard by the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation where policy issues were considered.  (See Exhibit A, #3 and #5)  In the Senate, Assembly Bill 301 was referred to the Senate Committee on Judiciary before being re‑referred to the Senate Committee on Revenue and Taxation.  (See Exhibit A, #2, #7 and #9) 


Assembly Bill 301 was amended four times, twice in each House, before being approved by the Legislature, and then sent to Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., on June 28, 1976.  (See Exhibit A, #1b through #1e and #2)  However, the action to enroll the bill and to approve the Senate amendments was rescinded before the Governor approved Assembly Bill 301.  (See Exhibit A, #2 and #14, document PE‑23)  With this rescission, the measure was sent to a Conference Committee.  (See Exhibit A, #2)  The purpose of a Conference Committee is to bring together six legislators, three from each House, in an attempt to reach a compromise on a bill’s language where there is a refusal to accept amendments.


The Conference Committee on Assembly Bill 301 made amendments to the bill, which were accepted by the Legislature on August 12, 1996.  (See Exhibit A, #1f and #2)  Assembly Bill 301 was then signed by Governor Brown on August 18, 1976 and recorded by the Secretary of State on August 19, 1976 as Chapter 465 of the Statutes of 1976.  (See Exhibit A, #1g and #2) 


The Governor’s Legislative Secretary summarized Assembly Bill 301 as it was finally enrolled and sent to the Governor, stating:


This bill would establish the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act.


It would prescribe various rights of public safety officers under investigation with respect to the time of interrogation, nature of the investigation, length of the interrogating session, transcription of the interrogation, and representation.

           (See Exhibit A, #14, document PE-1)