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Assembly Bill 250 (Chappie 1967)

Chapter 1056, Statutes of 1967 - AB 250

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As enacted, Assembly Bill 250 added sections 18000 et seq. and 18200 et seq. and repealed sections 18000 et seq. of the Health and Safety Code relating to mobilehomes and mobilehome parks.  (See Exhibit A, #1g)  Assembly member Gene Chappie introduced the measure on January 26, 1967.  (See Exhibit A, #1a) 

The Assembly and Senate Committees on Public Health considered the policies issues raised by the bill.  (See Exhibit A, #3 and #5)  The Assembly Committee on Ways and Means and the Senate Committee on Finance examined the bill’s fiscal implications.  (See Exhibit A, #2 and #6)  Assembly Bill 250 was amended on five occasions, three times in the Assembly and twice in the Senate before being approved by both Houses.  (See Exhibit A, #1b through #1f and #2)  Governor Ronald Reagan signed Assembly Bill 250 on August 11, 1967, after which it became Chapter 1056 of the Statutes of 1967.  (See Exhibit A, #1g and #2)

The Legislative Analyst’s analysis of Assembly Bill 250 prepared for the Senate Committee on Finance describes the measure as follows:


            This bill repeals Part 2 (commencing with Section 18000) of Division 13 of the Health and Safety Code dealing with mobilehomes and mobilehome parks and reinacts (sic) with various changes and under separate parts the provisions relating to mobilehomes and the provisions relating to mobilehome parks.

(See Exhibit A, #6a)