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Corporations Code Section 1903 Derived from former Civil Code Section 399

As enacted in 1872, Civil Code Codification

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Current Corporations Code section 1903 can be traced back to the enactment of former Civil Code section 399 in 1872, which was accomplished as part of the original adoption of the California Civil Code.  (See Exhibit #4a)  The enactment of the Civil Code was part of a huge undertaking to codify existing law in California into four different codes:  Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Political Code, and Penal Code. (See Exhibit #1)  The effort was generated by the appointment of a Code Commission in the late 1860’s by the Legislature.  (Id.)  Because so much of this codification effort has little direct impact on understanding former section 399, we include an overview of the code effort and a listing of documents that are available pertaining to the codification process.  (Id.)  As these materials do not provide any discussion directly covering the provisions of the former section, we do not forward these documents absent a specific request from you.  (Id.) 


In 1872, former Civil Code section 399 read:


The dissolution of corporations is provided for:

1.  If involuntary—in Chapter V of Title X, Part II, of the Code of Civil Procedure;

2.  If voluntary—in Title VI, Part III, of the Code of Civil Procedure.

(See Exhibit #4, page 89)