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Assembly Bill 1418 (Tucker 1994)

Chapter 311, Statutes of 1994, AB 1418

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Several Business and Professions Code sections, and Food and Agricultural Code sections 3853 and 3856.5 were affected following legislative passage of Assembly Bill 1418 of 1994.  (See Exhibit #1g) Assembly member Curtis Tucker, Jr. introduced this measure pertaining to horseracing on March 3, 1993.  (See Exhibit #1a)


Assembly Bill 1418 was assigned to the Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization where policy issues raised by the bill were considered.  (See Exhibit #3)  After approval by that Committee, the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means examined its fiscal ramifications.  (See Exhibit #5)  The Assembly amended the bill on April 12, May 28, and June 8, 1993.  (See Exhibits #1b through #1d and #2)  Assembly Bill 1418 was approved by the Assembly and forwarded to the Senate on June 10, 1993.  (See Exhibit #2)


While in the Senate, the Senate Committee on Governmental Organization considered the policy issues raised by the bill.  (See Exhibit #7)  Subsequent to approval by that Committee, the measure was assigned to the Senate Committee on Appropriations which examined its fiscal implications.  (See Exhibit #2)  One

amendment was made to Assembly Bill 1418 by the Senate, on July 8, 1993.  (See Exhibit #1e)  The Senate thereafter approved the bill and returned it to the Assembly.  (See Exhibit #2)  When Assembly Bill 1418 was returned to the Assembly, the Senate's amendments were reviewed and rejected.  Consequently, Assembly Bill 1418 was assigned to a Conference Committee.  (See Exhibit #2)  The purpose of a Conference Committee is to bring together six legislators, three from each House, in an attempt to reach a compromise on a bill's language which is acceptable to both Houses. 


The Conference Committee made amendments to Assembly Bill 1418 in a conference report dated July 7, 1994 which were accepted by the Legislature.  (See Exhibits #1f and #2)  Assembly Bill 1418 was thereafter approved by Governor Pete Wilson and was recorded by the Secretary of State as Chapter 311 of the Statutes of 1994.  (See Exhibits #1g and #2) 


Assembly Bill 1418 contained an urgency clause which caused the bill to become effective immediately upon enactment.  The urgency clause found in Section 17 of the bill, states the reason for the urgency as:


State revenues from parimutuel horseracing have increased in 1994 due largely to legislation expanding intrastate simulcasting of horseracing (Chapter 577 of the Statutes of 1993), which was repealed on July 1, 1994.  In order for the state to continue to receive needed revenues from intrastate simulcasting as soon as possible, it is necessary that this act take effect immediately.

(See Exhibit #1g, pages 11 and 12)


The Office of Senate Floor Analyses summarized Assembly Bill 1418, as amended in Conference Committee, as follows:


This bill allows the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) to authorize racing associations to conduct horseracing on four days during a racing week.  The bill also makes changes relating to intrastate simulcasting.

(See Exhibit #13, page 1)