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Title 8, California Code of Regulations section 11160 IWC Wage Order No. 16

As Revised October 1, 2000 - IWC 16

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Exhibit A          -           Industrial Welfare Commission Agendas, Minutes and Transcripts

Exhibit B          -           Industrial Welfare Commission Meeting Packets

Exhibit C          -           Industrial Welfare Commission Subject Matter Files

Exhibit D          -           Published Statement of Basis and Wage Order16- 2000

Exhibit E           -           Industrial Welfare Commission Rule Making Files for Wage Order 16

Preceding the adoption of Wage Order 2000 in October, 2000, the Industrial Welfare Commission issued an Interim Wage Order, accompanied by a Statement As to the Basis.  (See Exhibit D, #1 and #2)  Prior to this Interim Wage Order employees working in on-site occupations in construction, drilling, mining and logging were exempt from the IWC’s wage orders. (See Exhibit D, #3, page 1)  The 2000 Interim Wage Order specifically covered these employees.  (See Exhibit D, #1, page 5) The Statement as to the Basis of the Interim Wage Order did not include specifics of this new Wage Order

16-2000 instead the IWC provided a separate Statement as to the Basis of Wage Order 16.  (See Exhibit D, #3)