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CHAPTER 458, STATUTES OF 1981 - AB 2095

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Assembly Bill 2095 was introduced by Assembly member Dave Elder on April 6, 1981 at the request of the Golden State Mobilehome Owners League.  (See Exhibits #1a and #3, page 2)  This was a single-section bill that amended only Civil Code section 798.56, pertaining to written notice for termination of tenancy.  (See Exhibits #1a through #1c)


Assembly Bill 2095 was heard in the Assembly Committee on Judiciary and the Senate Committee on Judiciary. (See Exhibits #3 and #6)  Assembly Bill 2095 was amended once, in the Assembly on May 26, 1981, before being approved by the Legislature on August 27, 1981, signed by Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., on September 11, 1981, and recorded on September 12, 1981 as Chapter 458 of the Statutes of 1981.  (See Exhibits #1b, #1c, and #2)


The Senate Republican Caucus provideD the following digest of Assembly Bill 2095 as it was last amended on May 26, 1981:


This bill requires that when a mobilehome park tenancy is terminated because of a change in use, the management must give the tenant at least a six-month notice of termination after all permits for the change of use have been obtained.

(See Exhibit #9, page 1)