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Assembly Bill 1678 (Mills-1961)

Chapter 1103, Statutes of 1961

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Legislative Counsel summarized the provisions of Assembly Bill 1678 in its Report to the Governor, stating:

Amends Sec. 13336, Ed. C., re substitute certificated school district employees.

Specified that a certificated employee who is classified as a substitute shall be deemed to have been a probationary employee during the entire school year and to have served a complete year as such, if he teaches for at least 75 percent of the days the regular schools of the district were maintained in the year the class or classes which would have been taught by a person absent from service.

Requires, nevertheless, that he also have met requirements established by governing board for attaining probationary status including selection from eligibility list based upon competitive examination.
(See Exhibit #4, document PE-2)

Assemblyman Mills wrote to the Governor to request his approval of Assembly Bill 1678, and provided the following explanation for the provisions contained in the measure:

It was introduced to take care of a situation in San Diego whereby substitute teachers were increasingly being used to circumvent use of those employed on a probationary basis. This undercuts conditions established for probationary employees such as a regular salary schedule, sick leave and other employee benefits which are not available to substitute employees.

The teaching staff will become more stable by having it stipulated that 75% of the number of days of a regular school year taught by a person as a substitute in the same class shall qualify this person, if they meet other qualifications required of probationary teachers, as a probationary teacher.
(See Exhibit #4, document PE-4)

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