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Title XI Uranium United States House Bill 776 (Sharp 1992)

Public Law 102-486, October 24, 1992

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Public Law 102-486, "The Energy Policy Act of 1992" followed the passage of United States House of Representatives Bill 776 (hereafter "H.R. 776").  (See Exhibit A, #1)  The bill was introduced by Representative Sharp on February 4, 1991.  (See Exhibit A, #2a) 


As introduced this bill dealt with a limited subject, energy efficiency. The measure was initially referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.   (See Exhibit A, #3, page 22)     The Committee reported the bill, with amendments on March 30, 1992; House Report 102-474, Part 1.   (See Exhibit A, #2a and #5)  With these amendments the measure becomes a vehicle for a "Comprehensive National Energy Policy Act."  (Id.) 


The Committee summarized the bill, and its purpose, stating:


            The purpose of H.R. 776 is to enact a comprehensive national energy policy that gradually and steadily increases U.S. energy security in cost-effective and environmentally beneficial ways.

            The bill seeks to reduce the costly, impending rise in U.S. oil imports; to conserve energy and use it more efficiently; to reduce our use of oil-based fuels in our motor vehicle sector; to increase competition in the electricity, natural gas, coal, renewable energy, and oil markets in order to provide new energy options and more diverse supplies; to increase the strategic oil reserves that shield us from another world oil disruption; to implement solutions to our nuclear waste and uranium enrichment problems; and to address greenhouse warming.

(See Exhibit A, #5, page 132)