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Some bill research does not include the Governor's file because at the time we researched the bill, the sitting Governor had not released his chaptered bill file. If the Governor's file is not included with this particular research, please contact our office (1-800-666-1917 or quote@legintent.com) and we will be happy to provide this file at no charge if it is available.

Numerous sections relating to community facilities districts from the Business and Professions Code, Government Code, and Streets and Highways Code were affected in 1988 following legislative passage of Senate Bill 2254.  (See Exhibit #1d)  Senator Henry J. Mello introduced the legislation on February 17, 1988 to make changes to the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982.  (See Exhibits #1a and #14, page 1) 


Senate Bill 2254 was heard by the Senate Committee on Local Government and the Senate Committee on Appropriations.  (See Exhibit #2, #3, and #6)  On the Assembly side, Senate Bill 2254 was heard in the Assembly Committee on Local Government and the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means.  (See Exhibit #9 and #11)  The bill was assigned to the Special Consent Calendar in both Houses and was amended six times as it was reviewed by both Houses.  (See Exhibits #1b through #1g and #2)  After it was approved by the Legislature, the bill was forwarded to the Governor.  (See Exhibit #2)  Governor George Deukmejian signed Senate Bill 2254 into law as Chapter 1365 of the Statutes of 1988.  (See Exhibit #1i and #2)


The Unfinished Business analysis prepared by the Office of Senate Floor Analyses provides the following description of Senate Bill 2254 as it was last amended on August 15, 1988:


This bill makes changes in the Mello-Roos Community Facilities District Act of 1982 relative to (1) recording special tax liens, (2) Department of Real Estate reports, (3) procedures for levying and collecting special tax, (4) authority to adopt ordinances, and (5) application of school district special tax law.

(See Exhibit #14, page 1)