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Legislation is Always on our Mind:  A friend recently shared her gratitude that her apartment building in downtown Atlanta, Georgia finally offered on-site recycling bins for residents.  Of course, my first thought was, “isn’t it law in California that apartments offer this service?”  A search revealed that Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 341 on October 5, 2011, which required that multifamily residential dwelling of 5 units or more provide recycling options to renters.

Assemblymember Wesley Chesbro, the chair of the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources at that time, carried Assembly Bill 341, which also addressed commercial facility recycling and composting.  The file for the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources contains over 350 pages and includes numerous letters of support and opposition and a lengthy statewide report regarding waste (hopefully, you would not be “throwing away” your time reviewing it!).                                                                

Beware the quick Internet search:  Researching the details on the above provided the reminder to read bills slowly and research them carefully.  A quick Google search turned up numerous pages stating that Governor Brown signed the Renter’s Right to Recycle Act on September 7, 2011.  It is true, Governor Brown did sign Assembly Bill 818, however, section 3 of the bill provided, “[t]his act shall become operative only if Assembly Bill 341 is not enacted and does not become effective on or before January 1, 2012.”  Because Governor Brown subsequently approved Assembly Bill 341, Assembly Bill 818 did not take effect. 

May is Bike Month:  Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 143 of 2016 designated May, 2016, as National Bike Month in California.  Although there has not been another resolution presented, Bike Month is alive and well in many parts of California.  For an overview of how your state compares on bike laws, check out the League of American Bicyclists’ summary of State Bike Laws. 

Got More Bike Legislation?  The California Bicycle Coalition, like most “special interest” groups in California, provides a summary of legislation they are watching on their website.  We always enjoy the comprehensive look at legislation on a single topic (especially because some of it is tangentially related).  Perhaps you’ll be calling us in a year or two (or ten!) to research one of the bills that are still alive this session). 

In Case You Missed It on our Blog:   Sometimes we stumble on interesting “research finds” when we’re working on an unrelated project.  This was the case when we discovered information on the Bank Taxation Crisis that occurred in the 1920s.   

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